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Closed Captioning

Since the government mandate for closed-captioning has taken effect,

Skotleski Productions has become a full-service production facility that also offers post production closed captioning services. This has been a major advantage to our clients, giving them the ability to get everything under one roof!

What we do - Video production for international, national, regional, local broadcast and cable TV advertising, Radio, Web Site Development, Hosting, Complete Internet Solutions and Print Media.

Our letter perfect closed captions for standard definition television are available variety of styles.

The most basic include:

Pop-On 1 to 4 lines appear on-screen simultaneously.

Paint-On each individual character is “painted on” the screen to give the appearance of typing.

Roll-Up captions scroll up from the bottom of the screen one line at a time. Two to four lines typically remain on the screen at all times.

Block Roll-Up is a combination of Paint-On and Roll-up. Two to four lines of captions are scrolled onto the screen from the bottom.

With our basic caption service the vertical positioning of the characters is established and remains fixed throughout the duration of the program.

We pre-screen your material to select the best positioning that will least interfere with any vital content that appears on screen.

We pride ourselves on offering you the fastest possible turnaround time and virtually no loss in picture quality

As an upgrade to our basic service, we are also able to provide extras such as:

Selective Character Positioning captions appear in various locations on the screen throughout the program. This is best applied when there is dialogue between two or more people.

Text or Background Color to delineate speech or sound from multiple sources. Also helps to add emphasis to important subject matter.

If you are looking for captioning services, please call for a free needs analysis and quote.

Additonal Services

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