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Creative Services

  • Development of Creative Strategy for advertising/marketing direction.

  • Concept development and execution of creative into its final form.

Breakdown of Creative Services

Stage One: Evaluation and Needs Analysis

Review product info, strengths and weaknesses.

Current market positioning

Competitive environment…what are they saying and doing?

Client expectation for their product or service

Short/long term goals

Stage Two: Assessment and Direction

Develop USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the product or service. USP highlights a tangible characteristic that sets the product apart from others

Establish product positioning in the market place

Create an end user key benefit to drive the marketing effort

Present task proposals to meet budgetary parameters

Develop Creative Brief for advertising/marketing direction

Review and propose appropriate media formats to convey the message

Stage Three – Concept Development

Creation of varied solutions in concept form to best meet established direction

Review of cost estimates for each solution

Stage Four – Creative Execution and Production

Creative development of the approved concept begins

Related verbal and visual executions are developed in stages.

Coordination and management at all levels of the production

Revisions and approvals to be addressed and secured at each level